Stability chambers are specific constant climatic chambers, performing different operations. Let us discover what a stability chamber can do.

Determine the Durability of a Material

Developed to be an ideal blend of technology and ease of use, Stability chambers are intended to identify the effects on biological, electronic as well as industrial materials. These instruments are built to detect a wide range of humidity levels and temperature changes.

Stability testing chambers are the right equipment for studying building materials but also the cells of a living being. Temperature control in fact always require technically advanced products.

Climatic Chamber 700 liters


Temperature and Humidity Simulation

Also known as constant climatic chambers, the stability chamber works with cells whose temperature must always be at a certain level, in order to be able to measure the relevant progress. Different products require different temperature regulation over time and the operator does not have the time to manually manage the temperature control system.

This is the reason why temperature and humidity are simulated automatically, thanks to the controllers that equip FDM products. In fact they are designed to detect the specific temperature required by a stored product, to keep it safe from external agents. 

Stability Chambers: Main Applications

These chambers are used in the field of stability tests for perishable products, like vegetables for example.

As part of the testing process, it is possible to identify the required temperature level for the crop. The chamber includes probes and data loggers for receiving and transmitting data. Different dataloggers can be connected to the stability chamber, via PC, via RS485 or USB. All connections are in Plug&Play version and allow immediate replacement and use.

Besides being programmed to control temperature fluctuations, stability chambers have several others uses. 

For example, they are heavily used in the pharmaceutical field, because they allow storing medicines at certain temperatures. As is known, in fact, each drug has its own temperature level, for this reason there are the pharmaceutical stability chambers.

This advanced technology suits perfectly also in the food and cosmetics industry as well.

Stability Chambers: What Is Special About Them

The stability chamber allows managing complex environmental conditions, extreme temperatures and adequate humidity levels. 

In fact, it was developed to maintain constant the controlled temperature conditions for a wide time interval. Its essential task is to maintain the temperature and humidity level throughout the whole test cycle.

Also designed to be a humidity chamber, it is equipped with lighting and CO2 carbon dioxide systems. In fact, the cells in the chambers require an equal distribution of temperature and humidity. The stability test chamber manufacturers ensure that the mechanisms from manufactured devices work in unison; this means that also pharmaceutical companies can store their medicines longer.


Climate Stress

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The FDM Stability Chamber

The FDM stability chamber guarantees precise and effective tests thanks to its two installable controllers: stillFACE and revoFACE. The process can be fully automated in order to constantly monitor the parameters and perform climatic tests at a constant temperature.

Furthermore, our climatic chambers are approved to perform tests that comply with all international standards including those promulgated by the ISO, the IEC and the aforementioned ICH relating to pharmacological products.

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