On these pages we often talk about climate tests, underlining the very high production standards that most companies subscribe to to provide safe and reliable products and services.

However, climate chambers and environmental testing are only part of the story.

Cleanroom testing is fundamental for many industries and in the following article we will discover what they consist of, what they are for and what differentiates them from climate tests.


What is Cleanroom Testing


Cleanroom Testing is a key manufacturing practice in many industries. This process involves the careful evaluation of materials and products in a controlled environment to ensure maximum purity and minimize the risk of contamination. At the center of the test is the laboratory instrument called "clean room".

A clean room is defined as a sealed environment isolated from the outside in which the concentration of particles is carefully monitored and kept at very low levels.

These environmental conditions are necessary in the production process of different industries, let's see which ones.

Climate Stress

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What is Cleanroom Testing for


The industries involved in the clean room test are very similar to those we encounter on these pages when we talk about environmental tests, to underline the proximity of the objectives of the two procedures.

Here are the main ones:


  • Pharmaceutical Industry: Cleanroom testing is essential in the manufacturing of drugs and medical devices, where purity is vital to avoid contamination and ensure patient safety.


  • Food Industry: In food production, the clean room is used to preserve the quality and hygiene of products, minimizing the risk of microbiological contamination.


  • Aerospace Industry: Industries such as aerospace require a controlled environment to produce components and systems that must operate in extreme conditions. The clean room ensures that these items are free of particles that could affect performance.


  • Electronics Industry: In electronics, clean room testing is vital to ensure the purity of the environment in which microchips and electronic devices are produced. The minimum presence of particles is essential to avoid defects in the components.


Cleanroom Testing Requirements


In order to guarantee maximum safety and reliability, the requirements of a clean room are defined by internationally recognized bodies.

The most important for clean rooms is the ISO, International Organization for Standardization.

ISO 14644-1 provides clear guidance on the maximum number of particles permitted in a given volume of air. Within the standard, clean rooms are classified hierarchically based on the cleanliness they can guarantee. For example, a cleanroom classified as ISO 5 allows fewer than 3,520 particles ≥0.5 microns in diameter per cubic meter of air.

These strict standards ensure that the environment complies with the specific needs of the industry involved, ensuring maximum purity and minimizing the risk of contamination.


Differences between Cleanroom Testing and Climatic Chamber Tests:


Cleanroom testing and climate testing have many similarities as they involve controlled manipulation of the environment and are essential in the same industries to ensure safety and efficiency. However, it is important to distinguish between the clean room test and the climatic chamber test.

Cleanroom testing focuses on particle reduction and contamination prevention and is primarily performed at the manufacturing stage.

The second climatic tests, on the other hand, deal with simulating specific climatic conditions, such as temperatures and humidity, to evaluate the behavior of the materials in different environmental conditions and intervene at a later stage, to test prototypes already produced.

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The FDM Climatic Chamber


We have seen that, in today's world, manufacturers are required to guarantee very high standards of safety and efficiency. Cleanroom testing and climate chamber testing meet this need.

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