Having become famous for its recreational uses, cannabis is now used far and wide for therapeutic purposes, a topic that the WHO has also dealt with on several occasions.

The active ingredients that make cannabis a plant suitable for medical and pharmaceutical use are the so-called cannabinoids and in particular molecules such as THC or delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol and cannabidiol or CBD.

However, for this purpose, the correct drying of the cannabis is of fundamental importance.

In this article, we will explore the drying process and the key role that modern drying rooms and growth chambers play.

What is the Cannabis Drying Room used for?


Drying is a fundamental process in growing cannabis.

After harvesting mature plants, drying serves to remove excess water from the flowers to avoid mold formation and activate the aforementioned cannabinoids.

The drying rooms are professional laboratory tools that allow you to manage the drying process in a practical, efficient and controlled way.

How does the Cannabis Drying Room work?


The drying rooms are isolated environments in which it is possible to control the temperature and relative humidity parameters and keep them stable for long periods of time.

Drying cannabis requires very precise values of relative humidity and temperature that cannot be easily achieved and maintained.

The ideal parameters on which to set our drying rooms are between 45% and 50% relative humidity and a stable temperature between 20° and 23° degrees.

Illumination Chamber

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Drying Room or Growth Chamber?


Drying rooms are a professional product that can effectively manage the drying phase of cannabis.

What if there was a product that could handle all stages of growing cannabis, including drying? In this case we are talking about the growth chambers.

Growth chambers are tools designed for the laboratory cultivation of vegetables (plants and seeds) and small living organisms such as insects and bacteria.

Thanks to different lighting sets with specific uses, the growth chambers can reproduce the ideal environment for the growth of many plant species, including cannabis plants.

Also having relative humidity and temperature controllers, they can perform the same functions as a drying room, once again ensuring the ideal environment for the cannabis drying process.

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The FDM Growth Chamber


For this reason, we recommend our Growth Chamber to carry out the entire cannabis cultivation process professionally, including the drying phase.

Furthermore, FDM - Environment Makers has always been committed to meeting the particular needs of the customer, designing customized tools for specific uses, as we have done with a growth chamber for the University of Turin.

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