What are the right dimensions of an environmental chamber?

The bigger the better?

In some cases it is necessary to have a very spacious environmental chamber, but there are more and more laboratories and producers who are oriented towards the opposite: benchtop environmental chambers.

Let's find out together.

What are the Benchtop Environmental Chambers for?

Environmental chambers are particular types of climatic chambers suitable for performing extreme climatic tests, i.e. touching very wide ranges of temperature and relative humidity.

One might think that, for this reason, all environmental chambers also have significant dimensions, such as the walk-in chambers used in the aerospace industry.

In fact, this is not always the case.

Among the sectors in which it is necessary to perform extreme climatic tests, we have, for example, electronics, whose components can be easily placed inside a benchtop environmental chamber.

In recent years, research institutes, laboratories and research and development departments have opted for benchtop measuring instruments because the only discriminating factor to guide the choice has become the size of the samples to be tested.

In fact, thanks to technological progress, a bench-top environmental chamber can perform all the tests performed by an environmental chamber of regular dimensions, without loss of performance.

Not only that: but its size also brings a number of advantages.


Compact Climatic Chamber

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What are the advantages of a Benchtop Environmental Chamber?

The first advantage of a benchtop environmental chamber is its practicality.

Regular environmental chambers are very bulky tools that require space inside the laboratory.

Compact environmental chambers, on the other hand, are also called "benchtop" because they can literally be placed on top of a laboratory bench.

We are in the range of benchtop environmental chambers when it comes to instruments with a capacity between 25 and 50 liters.

They are generally no more than 70 centimeters high and just under a meter and a half wide.

With an overall weight of under eighty kilos, they also have an additional advantage: they can be transported.

In this sense, they can prove to be an economically advantageous investment for an organization that has two or more laboratories but does not require the continuous use of the environmental chamber.

A portable benchtop environmental chamber can easily be brought to where it is needed.


Extreme Testing

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The FDM Benchtop Environmental Chamber

FDM Benchtop Environmental Chambers are capable of performing all the extreme climatic tests of a normal-sized environmental chamber in half the space.

They are available in 25 and 50 liters. Here you can read the complete presentation of one of our newest 25-liter models.

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