Today we are covering a very common topic among technicians that perform environmental tests on products: the formation of condensation inside the climatic chamber.

Why is it formed? Can we avoid it? How do manufacturers face the problem of avoiding condensation in the climatic chamber?


Let's find out in the next paragraphs.

Why Condensation is Created Inside the Climatic Chamber

Condensation inside the climatic test chamber is formed when the internal walls of the cabinet are at a lower temperature than the Dew Point of the air in the climatic chamber.

This can happen basically for two reasons: 

  • The instrument is working at a low temperature (e.g. 0° C) and the door is opened. Air enters the chamber, at room temperature and humidity, and the humidity contained in the air condenses on the cold walls
  • The instrument is working at very high temperature and humidity. A rapid heating of the air is carried out, but the walls of the chamber heat up more slowly than the air. The effect is that a mass of hot and humid air finds cold surfaces on which the water condenses.

Climate Stress

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How to Manage Condensation in the Climatic Chamber  

If you have an equipment where condensation is frequent, a method of attempting to limit the process at the origin can be to carry out slow heating which allows you to reduce the amount of condensation on the surfaces.


However, this depends on the type of room you have and the controller that equips it.

In the event of condensation, there are no particular steps to follow to clean the chamber. In some cases, the condensation, if it is not a lot, tends to dry itself. In other cases, you will need to remove it with a cloth.

The Maintenance of a climatic chamber is a very important part for the duration of the product life cycle. We therefore advise you to promptly remove condensation in the event of formation, to best maintain the performance of your instrument.

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Avoid Condensation in the Climatic Chamber

The FDM Chambers

The phenomenon of condensation in the climatic chamber is quite frequent in low quality equipment. However, some different manufacturers of instrumentation for climate tests have developed as many systems to avoid this event.

The FDM climatic chambers limit as much as possible the formation of condensation inside the test instrument thanks to:

  • Professional insulation of the chamber’s walls
  • The two factors described above allow to quickly heat up the walls and reduce the condensation phenomenon.

I due fattori sopra esposti permettono di riscaldare velocemente le pareti e ridurre al minimo il fenomeno della condensa.

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