Environmental Chambers: Applications

The climatic chamber is a laboratory instrument capable of artificially reproducing the different natural conditions to which each product is subject during its life cycle.

For this reason, the potential applications for this equipment are basically unlimited.

If you are familiar with these pages, you might have read about how industrial products, before marketing, must pass extremely strict tests at controlled temperature and humidity.

From textiles to building materials, from food to drugs, each field has its own climatic reference test.

Environmental Chambers: Most Common Tests

Accelerated aging test

Let us proceed by macro-themes: you might have heard of the accelerated aging test. We should indicate this more as a condition to be achieved through different modes, such as:

  • Freeze/thaw test
  • Thermal shock test
  • Salt spray test

Freeze/thaw test is often used to test building materials. Our buildings must withstand the weather conditions in the different climate zones of the world, from the freezing winters of Siberia to the drought of the Arab deserts, as well as rain, humidity, shocks and impacts.

In the freeze/thaw test, the concrete sample is subject to very low temperatures and then to higher ones, to simulate the real conditions of its future life cycle, so that the operator can evaluate its performance under stress.

The thermal shock test is based on even more extreme temperatures, in a range from -70° to 180°/200°. These tests find application in electronic components of all kinds, mainly for use in the automotive, aeronautical and aerospace fields.

The salt spray test, which we will cover in a dedicated article, is used to assess the corrosion of metals.

Extreme Testing

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Stability Testing

Another macro testing field for environmental chambers concerns stability tests.

Contrary to the so far examined analysis, these ones require a stable and homogeneous temperature for the entire duration of the test.

This trial is very common for products from pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food industries.

Growth Tests with Lighting

The last macro application of this article covers certain life forms such as plants, insects or microorganisms, which are tested in the growth chamber.

Depending on the type of lighting provided, FDM chambers perfectly reproduce the ideal growth environment for each of these living creatures.

Illumination Chamber

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FDM Environmental Chambers: Controllers

A controller or programmer is a device enabling the operator to manage the different parameters from the climatic chamber: in short, it is the electronic brain of the instrument.

Each FDM climatic chamber can be equipped with a stillFACE or revoFACE controller type.

The difference between the two is simple and indicative of the type of tests they allow to perform.

The stillFACE controller allows to keep the temperature stable and homogeneous throughout the test, after having easily set it in manual mode.

For this reason, the stillFACE controller is particularly suitable for stability tests.

The revoFACE controller, on the other hand, allows you to program automatic temperature cycles.

In this way, the operator can set the different steps at the beginning of the test and check the results at the end, letting the unit work independently.

The revoFACE controller is particularly suitable for freeze/thaw tests but especially for thermal shock tests.

FDM Environmental Chambers: Customized Testing

As we have seen so far, FDM environmental chambers allow a multitude of standard climatic tests to be performed quickly, accurately and reliably.

But our strength is that we can also work on non-standard specifications and provide our customers with a completely tailor-made instrument.

Thanks to this and to the special needs of our customers, we have created our first frost heave chamber and tire stress chamber.

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