Climatic chambers are high-precision instruments that perform essential work for manufacturers and researchers.

Given the technology used, climatic chambers also constitute an important investment in economic terms and it is therefore to be hoped that the company from which you purchase a climatic chamber also provides you with essential assistance services.

What are the most common climatic chamber services?

Let's see them together.


Climatic Chambers Services: the most common.

Among the most common climatic chamber Services we can mention installation and testing, preventive and corrective maintenance, calibration, replacement of defective parts and components, repair and recovery in case of breakdowns and in general the technical support provided remotely by the manufacturer's technicians.

Let's see in detail each of these climatic chamber services.


Climatic Chamber Services: Installation, Testing and Calibration.

No serious manufacturer of climatic chambers will deliver the instrument to you without carrying out three essential procedures: installation, testing and calibration.

The installation of a climatic chamber must first of all place the instrument in a suitable area that has sufficient space, adequate thermal and acoustic insulation, and an air conditioning system.

We then proceed with the test which includes the verification of all the main functions of the climatic chamber. In this phase it is also verified that the climatic chamber is perfectly calibrated, i.e. that it is precise, coherent and reliable.

Calibration must also be carried out periodically. We wrote about it in detail here.


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Climatic Chamber Services: Preventive and Corrective Maintenance

The maintenance of the climatic chamber is divided into preventive and corrective (or extraordinary).

Preventive maintenance of the climatic chamber is a general check-up of all its functions which should also be performed on a regular basis.

The preventive maintenance of the climatic chamber is divided into several phases and we have analyzed them in detail here.

The corrective or extraordinary maintenance of the climatic chamber is instead a service that the manufacturers offer when the chamber has breakdowns or malfunctions.

In this sense, it is a general term to indicate all those climatic chamber services which provide for the repair of the instrument. We have outlined the most common cases in this article.

Climatic Chamber Services: Technical Support

Finally there is the technical support provided by the climatic chamber manufacturers which encompasses all the climatic chamber services that we have already discussed but also something more.

Remote technical support is a fundamental service that intervenes before, during and after each of the practices illustrated above.

This is the first contact that the customer has with the manufacturer, whether it is a breakdown or a need for maintenance.

We talked about the importance of real-time technical assistance here.

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FDM Climatic Chamber Services

FDM - Environmental Makers offers all the Climatic Chamber Services listed above starting from real-time technical assistance that will follow the customer from the first contact for choosing the most suitable product for his needs, up to the entire life of the instrument purchased.

To an initial completely free remote technical support, we also follow up with an on-site maintenance and repair service if necessary.

Purchasing FDM climatic chambers is a safe investment that we offer with the best guarantees on the market.

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