FDM products offer the best environment simulation. We know how difficult could be keep an high quality and reliability level in your laboratory. To help you bring home your goals we think excellent product isn’t enough. Service is fundamental. You have the freedom to choose between different service package, to take care of your devices and keep your research or business safe.
FDM – Environment Makers.

Qualification & validation

By qualifying and validating your FDM simulation chamber, you can ensure that production and testing processes run smoothly and that product quality is always high. You can carry out the steps required for this yourself with the help of a validation package. You can order this when you buy the unit. It is even safer and easier with FDM Service, who will happily carry out the qualification and validation on your unit for you.



  • Reproducible data for your FDM unit – matched to your processes and standards
  • Use of FDM expertise during validation and qualification
  • Implementation by qualified and experienced specialists
  • Validation and qualification carried out on-site


Range of services

  • Qualification folder as supporting documents for validation performed by customer. Includes: IQ / OQ checklists, unit schematics, QM
  • Certificate according to ISO 9001
  • Maintenance recommendations
  • IQ / OQ of the FDM software carried out with the completed unit
  • IQ / OQ carried out with or without light measurement

Calibration and adjustment

FDM Service calibrates your unit according to our factory standard with the help of certified and calibrated measuring devices. For the first step, we determine and document deviations from the target values in a reliable and reproducible way. After identifying any deviations, we adjust your unit. In doing this, we eliminate the difference determined between the actual and target values.



  • Carried out quickly and reliably on-site
  • All relevant international standards are fulfilled
  • Implementation by qualified and experienced specialists
  • Ensures maximum performance over the entire service life of the unit 


Range of services

  • Qualified calibration certificate
  • Manufacturer’s inspection sticker on the FDM unit
  • Maintenance recommendation

Warranty Extension

We know our product is strong enough to compete with time. Anyway, if you want a complete care action on your devices you can choose our Warranty Extension; one, two or three years. Continue relaxing, every problem will be fixed free of charge.


We ship all over the world. Safe shipment is not an optional. You’ll need the right packaging for the right transportation. Three type of packing for three type of need:

  • Standard: device is covered by strong film. It is suggested only for small trips (near Italy).
  • Cardboard: Styrofoam and cardboard. No dents on your device. Suggested for long on road shipments (within EU).
  • Wood: the strongest protection. Solid protection with no compromises. Suggested for vessel/container shipment.