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Today we are continuously surrounded by electronic devices, often interconnected with each other to the point that we call it "Internet of Things". But even without the presence of a wifi network, electronic devices can interact with each other and not always in a virtuous way.

These interactions are the subject of so-called electromagnetic compatibility, usually abbreviated with the acronym EMC.

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EMC Definition

Electromagnetic compatibility (or EMC) is the field of electronic engineering that studies unwanted electromagnetic interference between two or more devices and aims to optimize or completely eliminate these interactions.

The ECM can be broken down into two problems: emission problems and susceptibility problems.

  • Emission problems have to do with the unintentional generation of electromagnetic energy from a given device and countermeasures to avoid or reduce its transmission.
  • Susceptibility problems, on the other hand, concern measures to prevent electromagnetic interference to a given device.


When the two problems occur together it means that we are in the presence of a Source Device (EMC SOURCE) and a Victim Device (EMC VICTIM) of the same interference.

EMC Compliance

The problems of electromagnetic interference have been known since the beginning of the last century, with the first radio transmissions. But until the 1980s it was up to manufacturers to carry out the tests and independently certify the quality of their products.

With the spread of electronic and telematic equipment in recent times, EMC compliance has been legally regulated by a number of bodies.

Each country has its own laws regarding EMC but there are also continental and international bodies that regulate this matter.

Both ISO and IEC have their own standards in this regard, among which we highlight: ISO 7637, ISO 11452, ISO 13766, ISO 14982 and all chapters of IEC EN 61000.

The European Union has passed its own regulation that guarantees the CE mark for electromagnetic compatibility and is 2014/30 / EU.

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The FDM Climatic Chamber for Testing on Electronic Devices

The FDM climatic chambers are the ideal laboratory tool for performing the most important climatic tests on electronic devices including the HAST test and the burn-in test.

Furthermore, the climatic chambers are a perfect example of a Faraday cage or rather an environment completely isolated from any external electromagnetic interference, that is the standard solution to many electromagnetic compatibility problems.

Climatic chambers are the perfect study environment for isolating electromagnetic devices and testing their performance without dealing with any interference.

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