There was a moment when even those who have never wondered how vaccines should be stored received a very precise answer.

We are obviously talking about the winter between 2020 and 2021, when vaccines for Covid-19 were distributed all over the world and terms such as "cold chain" and "vaccine freezers" became very topical.

But is it the same for all vaccines?

Have there always been vaccine freezers?

How are things today?

We will try to explain it in this short article.

Which Vaccines Are Stored in the Freezer?


Like many drugs, vaccines need to be stored at very precise temperatures in order not to lose their properties.

For traditional vaccines, this temperature is around 0, more precisely in a range between 2° and -8°.

As can be seen from this table, the vast majority of traditional vaccines must be stored in that temperature range, with very few exceptions and considering some particular specifications such as the possibility of being frozen.

These temperatures are those reached by the common refrigerators we have at home and by laboratory refrigerators, their professional equivalent used in all hospitals, pharmacies and doctor's offices.

Vaccine Freezers Against Covid-19


Different speech for vaccines against Covid-19 that use a different technology: messenger mRNA.

Unlike traditional vaccines, which contain weakened parts of the virus that are less susceptible to temperatures, COVID-19 vaccines use innovative technology that uses ribonucleic acid (RNA) to instruct the body's cells to produce a specific part of the virus in order to stimulate an immune response.

However, RNA is a fragile molecule and susceptible to degradation by enzymes present in the surrounding environment and by thermal factors and needs extremely low temperatures to be stored effectively, i.e. below -70°.

Hence the need to use freezers for vaccines, technically called ultra low freezers, due to their ability to reach extreme temperatures, even below -80°.

They are very sophisticated and expensive laboratory instruments, and hence the question of the "cold chain" arose which had to be maintained during transport and storage.

More recently, during 2022, some international institutions such as EMA, the European Medicines Agency, have allowed the conservation of vaccines against Covid-19 at temperatures in traditional vaccines (2°-8°) but for the maximum duration of one month.

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FDM Vaccine Freezers


Ultra low freezers are the ideal tool for storing particular vaccines, such as those against Covid-19, and other drugs that require extremely low temperatures to maintain their properties.

We have detailed how they work here.

FDM Ultra Low Freezers are available in various models, horizontal and vertical, and reach a minimum temperature of -86°, capable of performing all the functions we have mentioned.

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