"It's hard work but someone has to do it." We all thought about it while facing boring chores that we periodically have to do at home, including defrosting the freezer.

The vast majority of common refrigerators in our homes must be defrosted manually. On the other hand, for laboratory freezers and freezers we have a choice: there are models with automatic defrosting and models with manual defrosting.

So let's see what the two practices consist of, what are the differences and finally the advantages and disadvantages.

What is Manual Defrost

Frost and ice formations tend to appear inside the compartment both in laboratory freezers and in common freezers.

The cause is the repeated opening of the door that let in hot air that contains more humidity than the same mass with a lower temperature. The cooling air reduces its volume and the contained humidity condenses, but being inside a freezer it becomes ice.

To perform manual defrosting, the freezer must first be disconnected from the power supply. Then, leaving the door open, you begin to remove the ice that is easier to remove. The hot air will help dissolve the rest and with a sponge we will collect the water that forms.

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What is Automatic Defrosting

Some models of laboratory freezers implement a mechanism that automatically defrosts the freezer compartment and for this reason, they are also called no-frost freezers.

In this type of freezer, defrosting takes place periodically through a mechanism that heats the refrigerating element (called evaporator) for a certain period of time, in order to melt the ice that has formed on it.

The resulting water is collected in a tray installed on the compressor, so that the heat generated by it speeds up evaporation.

Manual Defrost Vs Automatic Defrost

So, which one to choose between a manual defrost freezer and an automatic defrost one?

It all depends on the needs.

The price is the first and foremost drive to choose the manual defrost freezer because it is significantly cheaper than the automatic one.

It also consumes less energy and is less noisy.

Modern automatic defrost freezers, on the other hand, require much less maintenance and are ideal for laboratories where the machinery must always be in operation and it could be a drawback to have to empty it to defrost it.


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