What is Microbiology

Microbiology is the branch of biology that deals with the scientific research on microorganisms, i.e. all bacteria, fungi and even viruses that are not visible to the human eye.

The microbiological field is huge and constantly evolving. Scientific research has so far examined only 1% of all microorganisms present in nature.

Microbiology: Main Applications

Microbiology finds application in industry, universities and research institutes, mainly in the following fields:


  • Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology

Microbiology makes use of the so-called biological culture: it is the multiplication of microorganisms in a programmed, controlled, selective way and therefore with conditions created exactly for their reproduction.

The procedure is regulated by the ISO 11133 standard.

The results of these tests are essential for the pharmaceutical sector, for identifying the bacteria and viruses responsible for causing diseases and infections and for the subsequent research for medicines that can fight them.


  • Environmental Microbial Chemical Analysis

Such as the general analysis of all types of water, potable and non-potable.


  • Food and Cosmetics

These industries also deal with specific bacteria that can affect the properties of their semi-finished and finished products.

With regard to the food industry, we are mainly talking about fresh foods (pasta, dairy products) and raw fish, but in general also about determining the shelf life of the product.

For the cosmetics industry, on the other hand, bacteria must not interfere with the characteristics of the product as it must come into contact with the delicate human skin.

Illumination Chamber

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Features of a Microbiological Climatic Chamber

Generally, when referring to a climate chamber for microbiology, the term incubator is used. 

We have already told you about the difference between an incubator and a climatic chamber.

In this case, however, parallelism is allowed, as an instrument for microbiological applications comes with simpler characteristics than climatic chambers equipped for cyclic tests, in terms of both temperature range and test complexity. 

Let us see below what the main characteristics of a microbiological climatic chamber are:


  • Temperature and built-in Programmer

The temperature requirements of a chamber for microbiological analysis require an extremely accurate and homogeneous control of the parameter.

Homogeneity prevents the sample from drying out, non-alteration serves to create and maintain an ideal habitat for the propagation of the microorganism.

A consequence of this requirement is the controller these chambers are equipped with, which does not enable programming automatic temperature cycles.

The temperature must be kept stable in a range usually from 30° to 50°, but that rarely exceeds -10/70°.

In case of gas requirement, e.g. CO2, also the gas tension will have to be homogeneous in the whole volume of the instrument and for the whole duration of the test.


  • Humidity and Illumination

Humidity control is often essential when it comes to incubators for microbiological analysis. In case it is not present, we refer to a temperature chamber.

The lighting must also meet the requirement for homogeneity. The positioning of the lamps, horizontal or vertical, on the shelves or on the walls, is key for the success of scientific studies on bacteria.


  • Safety

Having to deal with bacteria and viruses, the microbiological growth chamber must guarantee absolute safety both inside, to create a favourable environment to the propagation of microorganisms and to favour cleaning once the test is complete, and outside, to avoid potential dangers for the operator.


FDM Climatic Chamber for Microbiological Analysis

Growth chambers with FDM lighting meet all the requirements listed above.

The different types of lighting, provide the solution for microbiological testing, insect or plant growth.

All our climatic chambers can be equipped with humidity control.

The stillFACE controller keeps the temperature stable and homogeneous for the whole duration of the test and the stainless steel exterior ensures both robustness of the equipment together with safety and ease of cleaning for the operator.

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